Reduced Storage Fees

The 82” Tow & Stow position, allows you to store your coach in your home garage, therefore keeping 100’s or 1000’s in your pocket.


Whether your moving up from tent camping or want to move down into something more manageable, this coach will fit your financial budget.


Atia RV believes in giving back. A percentage of every coach retailed sold, gets donated to one of our many charitable partners.

Welcome to Atia RV!

The company was founded by Iva “Nick” Nicholas to create a new RV Company with a new approach to evolving the RV experience from the construction, to our vendor partners, our dealer partners, retail customers and our community.

Nearly 3 decades of RV Manufacturing experience, Atia RV believes that your expectations and our innovative products should compliment each. Modern, Affordable and the ability to customize your coach, Atia RV intends to be an ever-evolving manufacturer.

Our “People Focus, Product Driven” Philosophy is at the core of our business. Our goal is to enhance the lives of everyone in a positive most way through our products, services and our community.


Your RV Friend,

Iva “Nick” Nicholas



I am truly impressed with Atia RV.

The price is great and i cannot wait to get my GU Trailer.

I can actually get what I want.

The fact that these units are so customizable is great I am ordering one today.

A different buying experience

Atia RV has excellent customer support and service.